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Words is a student-run literary magazine, which welcomes nascent writers to showcase their creative endeavours. Launched in 2007, Words is a manifestation of literariness budding in the space of the magazine. Over the years, the magazine has been exhibiting a variety of genres: from traditional forms of writing to experimental literature, which includes speculative and dystopian fiction, poetry, film and book reviews, and visual representations. Championing the Institute’s spirit of inclusivity, the magazine also welcomes submissions in our indigenous languages. This is to promote linguistic diversity and cultural expressions.

Our student team works hard to visualize themes for the magazine, edit works and arrange them in a way that they all string together, and make the issue noticeable.  In addition to their academic pursuits, our students are enthusiastic about the publication process from its inception to completion. It is this hands-on experience, which prepares our students to pursue their careers in writing, editing, organizing, and publishing content. Our current team comprises student editors, Mahrukh Asmat, Kulsoom Umer, and faculty advisor, Ayesha Akram, working under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Amra Raza, Director IES.

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