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BS two-year Programme










MPhil in English














PhD in English

The degree combines ideas and discourse through history, fiction, verse and drama. There is a vast canvas of literary texts in one place. The Institute is a foyer that points at many windows and rooms of interesting fields of study and research. At the end of the degree, you have a voice on romanticism, postcolonialism, feminism, discourse studies, and so on and so forth. Student life at IES is very rich; the environment is friendly. It allowed me to introduce myself to my classmates and make friends.

Muhammad Noorullah

Semester V

Morning Programme

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MPhil at IES is unique. The teaching faculty is as versatile as the scope of literature. The programme is a fine blend of then and now: Shakespeare is very much there with its classical forms and early-modern experimentation; traditional close reading is coupled with distant reading methods. The programme introduces you to the latest research trends. Teachers guide you in writing term papers on a range of subjects, including diaspora, fantasy, fan fiction, games studies, intersectionality, etc. I am interested in writing my thesis on politics, democracy, and aesthetics, and I believe I am at the right place where supervisors have relevant expertise. Writing a thesis in an environment of intellectual diversity is amazing.

Mahnoor Kashif

Semester II


The BS two-year programme has a broad-spectrum of courses. You explore history, politics, social fabrics, and much more.  I would have never been able to see such a panoramic view of literature myself. It is interesting to read about great writers and their development of styles. Teachers make us peep into these literary planets, and we are left with nothing, but awe, and delight. Moreover, the extracurricular and sports activities enable us to remain active in classroom and outside. 

Fariha Khaliq

Semester VI

Replica Programme

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My experience as a PhD scholar at the Institute of English Studies has been extensive and exhaustive. All courses have been designed with diligence and rigor. Other than being intellectually stimulating, these courses have equipped us with skills to critically analyse and evaluate both canonical and contemporary literature. The teaching methodology, grading criteria and end of term assessments are done keeping in view international practices. The teaching faculty is fastidious and expert in their respective fields. Despite the stringent course work, studying at the institute was a delight.

Maimoona Khan

Semster II

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