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BS two-year Programme

Our BS two-year programme is offered to students after they complete their two-year undergraduate Associate Degree Programme (ADP) through affiliated colleges at the University of the Punjab. At IES, the BS two-year programme is multifaceted for students seeking knowledge and insight into literature. Divided into four semesters, the programme aims to develop critical and hermeneutic approaches towards literary texts.  Students are offered a diverse range of courses, including Classical Drama, Victorian Poetry, Popular Fiction, and Translation Studies. The degree develops practical skills and strategies to improve academic performance, such as presentation skills, formal writing, and critical thinking. Furthermore, fiction writers, poets, critical thinkers, and historians are invited to talk to the students. Students are motivated to take part in poetry recitations, dramatic enactments, and creative writing competitions. The degree facilitates our graduates to secure jobs in academia, and beyond.

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The BS two-year programme offers dynamism in terms of reading and understanding texts. The experience is different from college because I am given more freedom in reading the texts, analyzing them, and sharing my point of view in the class. I feel much more informed, and confident in speaking about my thoughts. I am driven to reading books and talking about them to my classmates, so that we can exchange points of views and add to each other’s knowledge.


Faiq Azam

Semester VI

Morning Programme

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