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Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC): Narrative Medicine: Every Patient Has a Story
Baylor Medical Humanities: “Trying to turn students into humans before healthcare turns them into gods, robots, jerks, or some combination of the above.”
BJM Blogs: Medical Humanities
Cambridge University Medical Humanities Society: Medical & health
Discussion Group of H-Sci-Med-Tech: H-Net Network on science, medicine and technology.\
Dr. Brandy Schillace: Writer, novelist, historian of med/science, Editor of Medical Humanities
Edinburgh Medical School: Molecular, Genetic and Population Health Sciences. Usher Institute - Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society
Harvard College Medical Humanities Forum
Humanities Commons: Medical Humanities
Institute of Advanced Studies in Humanities (IASH) in Collaboration with The University of Edinburgh
Journal of Medical Humanities:
Medical Humanities Book Club
Oliver Sacks Foundation:
Stanford Storytelling and Medicine Scholars Class of 2023
University of South Carolina School of Medicine: Humanities in Medicine: Visual Arts (Painting and Sculpture)

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