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Maryam Raza

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Position: Lecturer


Maryam Raza has done her MPhil in English Literature from Kinnaird College for Women, University. She is interested in mythmaking; her MPhil thesis titled "Exegesis of Varna through the Lens of Social Dominance Theory in Sunjeev Sahota's The Year of the Runaways" explores narratives of myth and social hierarchy. It traces the conflicting discourse between economic dependence and independence within classes. Raza is a poet in the making. Weaving romanticism and mythology in her work, Ms. Raza’s poetry has found place in the Pakistani anthology titled Black Book of Poems (Vol. 2), and beyond the continent, in Pat’s Guide Glasgow West End. In exploring the genre of confessional poetry, her poems celebrate dreams and latent emotions. Other than poetry, she has presented and published research articles, both, nationally and internationally. Moreover, she has made valuable contributions, as a member of ‘The Single National Curriculum’ team for the subject of English taught from grade 1-9. Raza's current research interests are film studies, visual arts, and mythmaking.

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