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English Literary Society (ELS)

English Literary Society (ELS) offers a venue for young literature enthusiasts to come together and explore their interests, actively partake in the latest literary trends, and network with those who share their energy! Here we do everything: reading circles, poetry slams, book discussions, celebrate art and artists, and so much more. At ELS, you are encouraged to collaborate and organize events which you think may invigorate those around you.


Executive Members

Faculty Advisor: Maryam Raza

President: Fizza Liaqat

Vice President:  Ali Tahir

General secretary: Noor Fatima

30th August 2022: 

The unprecedented floods that plummeted almost one-third of Pakistan under water, demanded urgent humanitarian aid for the affected families. Therefore, the Character-Building Society, in collaboration with the English Literary Society launched a week-long donation drive at IES. The drive kicked off with a fundraising event, where the students were encouraged to donate in cash and in-kind (packed items, medicines, clothes etc). Through the donation drive, students learned the importance of lending a hand in times of distress. We are proud of the fact that the collaborative effort of the societies enabled IES to raise funds of 1,30,000 PKR for the affected community.   


12th October 2022:

The English Literary Society (ELS), in collaboration with SkillZone, hosted an E-commerce workshop for senior classes in the IES Main Hall. The guest speakers elaborated on freelancing, its business models and how to earn online through Amazon. The workshop was a basic training on how to hone one's skills for E-commerce, as it is the need of the hour. IES has testimonials of the agency's success through current student employees.

17th November 2022: 

The Institute of English Studies organised a panel discussion on Dr. Shahid Imtiaz’s book, Amorphous Lahore, Colonial and Post Colonial: A Journey through History and Fiction. Our guest speakers Dr. Shafaat Yar Khan, Dr. Javeria Farooqui, Dr. Syrrina Ahsan Haque, Dr. Faraz Anjum shed light on various compartments of the book by revisiting the rich cultural heritage of the city of Lahore. The author, Dr. Shahid Imtiaz concluded with his literary perception of Lahore, both, as a multifaceted character, and an abstract idea looming large in our hearts and minds.










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