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Campus and City Life

Located in the expansive and versatile city of Lahore, in the canal-side Quaid-e-Azam campus of the University, the Institute of English Studies (IES) provides a perfect blend of flux and stasis. With vast open fields at its outskirts and multiple smaller lawns and courtyards within, the Institute wallows in an ecosystem of trees from antiquity, a wide variety of seasonal flowers, and communities of squirrels, butterflies, and birds at its heart. Thus, IES gives you ample space to wander on the campus and outside in the happening metropolis, but then it lures you right back!


History and Heritage

The University of the Punjab boasts the largest university bus transportation service in the country, covering routes to every part of Lahore- a city rich in heritage, still reminiscing its Mughal and Ghaznavi rulers. Here, you never run out of places to visit and things to learn. Be it the Masjid Wazir Khan, with its cypress trees and breathtaking draping of grapevines, deep within the walled city of Lahore, or the majestic Gates of Lahore giving you an entryway into these walls; be it the serene Shalimar Garden lined with rows of white fountains, or the Lahore Fort in all its glory, all you need to do is hop onto a bus and you’re all set to explore this exciting city.


Lahore, Art, and Literature

Lahore has always been the hub of literature. With cafes like the Pak Tea House which the likes of Faiz Ahmed Faiz frequented, the Alhamra Art Gallery which holds the grand Lahore Literary Festival, and the Expo Centre which hosts the Lahore International Book Fair, the campus provides a home in this city of the artistic and the intellectual. Be it bookstores like Readings, The Last Word, and Liberty Books, or book stalls in Anarkali bazar with their nostalgic supply of pre-loved books, Lahore lives up to its romantic image of a city exuding magnificence.

University of the Punjab, Wall Art

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