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BS four-year Programme

The BS four-year programme caters for students holding an intermediate or equivalent degree prefereably with English as an elective subject. The programme is divided into eight semesters spanning four years. A variety of discourses are employed at this level to offer students critical insight into the contemporary literature around the world. The aim is to make them understand the reading and teaching of literatures in English. The first and second year offer students a foundation in literature and linguistics along with a range of general compulsory subjects. The third and fourth year of the programme offer specializations in either literature or linguistics. The specialization courses offer advanced study in English literature and linguistics. During the course of their study at the Institute the students conduct research and make multimedia presentations which build both subject-related and presentation skills. They are encouraged to work independently and in groups to enhance self-confidence and interpersonal, and organizational skills. The students have the opportunity to interact with local and international figures in seminars and workshops organized on a variety of subjects.

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The four-year programme is an experience of the literariness of great works of literature. The assortment of plays, poetry, fiction, and prose allows you to familiarize yourself with the use of literary language in these texts, and at the same time, identify your interests in research. In this way, you develop your focus on a certain literary movement, theory, or cultural and political discourse. Furthermore, audio and visual presentations, oral discussions, and group work prepare us to get along with each other. In this way, students from varied backgrounds and provinces, discuss and argue broad questions, and prepare for the exams. The environment here is supportive and promotes inclusivity.  

Momina Mukhtar
Semester V
Replica Programme
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