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English Dramatics Society (EDS)

If the theatre is your calling, the English Dramatics Society gives you the stage and the spotlight to make, and unmake yourself. The platform invites you to explore different facets of your personality by participating in dramatic performances on the stage, and creative endeavours behind the scene. Give an outlet to your dramatic qualities by acting, directing, producing, designing, or script writing. EDS is eager to channelize your energies through its platform; so, let your creativity take the wheel.

Executive Members:


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Amna Umer Cheema

President: Eesha Waqas

Vice President: Laraib Khan

General Secretary: Shairyar Baloch

22nd April 2022:

In collaboration with the MPhil class (2021-2023), the English Dramatics Society staged a baroque adaptation of Shakespeare's play "The Merchant of Venice". Under the guidance of Dr. Amna Umer Cheema, the scenes were rearranged to give them an early-modern and baroque perspective. The performance of "The Merchant of Venice: Shakespeare in a Baroque World" was staged in the backdrop of the early 16th-century cosmic discoveries, and the expansive Counter-Reformation art forms. We demonstrated Shakespeare's gravitation towards elasticity, rather than plasticity. By rearranging various elements of the plot, we intended to show how Shakespeare uses baroque as a method to broaden the spectrum of human nature, which delights in transcending its bounds through asymmetrical use of space and time. The stage became an elaborate expanse, a microcosm hinting at the macrocosm. The elaborate stage, characters, and events defied symmetry, and preferred diagonal motion and angular perspectives, giving an idea of depth, in contrast to the two-dimensional frontality of the traditional dramatic space.

28th September 2022:

Our guest speaker Mr. Shahid Mahmood Nadeem spoke on ‘How to convert an ordinary incident into an entertaining Drama?’. Mr. Nadeem is an award-winning Pakistani journalist, a powerful playwright, television director, and a human rights activist. He has served as General Manager, Director Programmes, and Deputy Managing Director of Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV). He is currently working as Executive Director at Ajoka Theatre, and Director PTV Academy. He has written many renowned plays in Urdu and Punjabi for our national TV. 

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