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The Professor Sirajuddin Library

The Professor Sirajuddin Library has been serving students since its inauguration in 2010. It has around twenty-two thousand books other than journals, magazines, and similar research materials on all the major genres of English literature and language. It is regularly replenished with newspapers and other literary resources. Moreover, the subscription to print journals in the library is also timely updated to provide students with a variety of research resources. The digital search engine OPAC helps locate books present in the library. It also has a computer lab where the all-time internet facility and computers provide access to the latest online resources. The students can come to the library to sit and read books, or access computers. The library provides a research-focused environment to scholars. In addition to the latest books, the presence of several older books shed light on the Institute's legacy.

Opening Hours:

8 am to 5 pm

Digital Library Link:

Our Publications

1. Journal of Research in Humanities (JRH).
2. Literary magazine – Words
3. Annual newsletter - Dream Seekers.

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