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Welcome to the home of writers and researchers cultivating new research areas, creative writing, and modern methods of teaching in classrooms. Our faculty is an assortment of academic brilliance and cultural inclusivity.  We offer a wide range of literature in English and translations in English from around the world: our global canvas stretches from classical studies to the post-human genre, from celebrated British and American writings to South-Asian literature, and new digital discourse. Moreover, Literature available in other languages is introduced through popular translations. Our Institute miniaturizes the literary cosmos for your curious minds and allows you to expand your points of view to international conferences and workshops.

We welcome students from all provinces, and foreigners from around the globe, to join us in our creative endeavours, and scholarly explorations. We will introduce you to the theoretical tools used in the study of literature, and to a broad spectrum of historical and critical approaches to texts. Our teaching is a holistic combination of close and distant readings, seminars, and workshops. Furthermore, we provide pastoral care to our students during office hours. Together we are writing books, anthologies of prose, and collections of poems that reach out to international platforms. We are proud to produce a global community of graduates, who are serving in bureaucracy, digital media, the publishing industry, IT companies, and government institutions.

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